• Generate millions of original ideas in an environment that emulates the free floating space we inhabit when creating something new
  • Use as an elegant brainstorming tool
  • Unlock your natural creative genius
  • Pull in new random content from any side of the screen
  • Remove content by dragging it off any side of the screen
  • Content is pulled in randomly from a database of thousands of words (plus images). There are literally millions of unique combinations  possible (new content added with every update).
  • Add your own words, questions and suggestions
  • Use improvi to generate random improv scene suggestions, writing prompts, brainstorming triggers and lateral thinking connections 

On the simplest level, consider it an amusing toy, designed to tickle your imagination. With focus, it can be much more...

improvi was inspired by techniques that are used in comedy improv. The prompts at the bottom of the improvi screen will be familiar to anyone who's ever done improvisational theatre. Happily, the techniques for comedy improv work just as well for any creative endeavor you can think of.

And there's more...
The random idea principle of comedy improv works perfectly for brainstorming and problem solving through lateral thinking.

Be a creative dynamo. Have fun. Surprise yourself. 
Gain insight into the workings of your own consciousness. Be spontaneous. Play.

Get improvi now at the Apple App Store for only .99 (available for iphone, ipod and ipad).